What type of activities do your youth group enjoy getting involved with? Are you intent on finding a few new and refreshing concepts that will be attractive to the Christian teens who make up part of your group? Anything from Bible studies to games, we’ve listed a few activities below that you may wish to think about in terms of enhancing your younger students and allowing them to grow in their level of faith.



During services, different forms of get-togethers, or on youth service trips, games are an excellent way to really get things going in the right direction. There are lots of exciting games that will make younger aged Christians laugh and will work so well at breaking the ice, which in turn, makes it far easier to allow students to become familiar with one another.

Just before a service begins, a fun game to kick things off can prove to make even the most skeptical or introverted of students want to return again for more.



Though mission trips might not be the most appealing thing to every student, outreach events are. An outreach trip provides an opportunity for a Christian teenager to focus on their own communities and reach out as an example of how Christ would do it.


There are outreach events that are types of service where not much in the way of preaching is involved, and others that involve the witnessing to people. Each individual youth group ought to have a regular outreach that applies to teenagers and shows to them how they can give back to their exterior world.


Missions Trips

There are many Christians that feel a call to mission work, and that call is something that leaders would want to fully encourage. If you’re not familiar with planning a mission trip, you can work with an organization which will help you to setup a trip specifically for your students.


There are numerous trips that take place throughout the spring, the summer, and the wintertime breaks. These trips venture out to places around the world, whereby the key is to spread the word of the gospel, to provide food to the poor, to help build communities, and much more.



There’s hardly a single Christian teen who does not like to relieve some stress by taking part in an activity that is fun. In fact, it’s likely there are none. Everyone loves to get out and about and take part in something that is entertaining. It might be a trip to an amusement park, or it could be something as simple as watching a movie. There are plenty of absorbing activities and outings that you can take part in as a group.